8 Easy Tips for Growing Customer Loyalty

happy loyal customer

By Rashea Jenkins

Most marketing strategies focus on how to get customers to purchase your product, but customer retention is just as important. Luckily, strategies to grow customer loyalty can be simple and affordable.

With the right tools and the following tips, you can delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

1. Give Quick Responses

Establish a pattern of answering questions and concerns as quickly as possible—even if it means checking your work email outside of regular business hours. Doing so will make customers feel valued and increase the likelihood that they’ll return.

Be polite and professional, and avoid generic replies like, “It’s our policy.” Try to understand the problem and offer a detailed explanation for your solution if you can.

2. Use Friendly Language

Make the customer feel like a trusted friend. Stiff, corporate jargon can make customers feel unimportant and disinterested in what you have to say.

Tuft and Needle provides a great example of customer-friendly language in its product description. Rather than saying something like, “We fill our product with synthetic fibers and make no compromise in quality, all at an attractive price,” the company says, “We don’t shove cheap, off-the-shelf foams into our mattress just to charge you more.”

Find a balance between professional language and a conversational tone, and be consistent for your customers.

3. Send Personalized Notes

Don’t hesitate to send thank-you notes and little gifts, especially when you work closely with clients on major sales. You could even send a gift basket or free merchandise to show your appreciation. If you don’t want to spend money on postage, e-cards and phone calls can be effective loyalty-building measures as well.

4. Follow Up

Follow up with customers after a sale to ensure they are satisfied with their experience. Checking in on them and asking for their input lets them know you truly value them as patrons. It’s also an excellent way to gather feedback and learn how to improve.

5. Make Your Website Accessible

One of the easiest ways to grow customer loyalty is to make it easy for customers to shop your brand. A staggering 79% of Americans shop online, and much of that shopping happens on mobile devices. If your business doesn’t have a user-friendly website or mobile platform, you may lose customers to your competitors who do offer these conveniences.

Also consider setting up online shops with various apps to enhance your brand’s accessibility. Since Instagram teamed up with Shopify in 2017, thousands of companies now sell directly through the app, making it even easier for users to become loyal, returning customers.

6. Interact on Social Media

Customers who have positive experiences with brands on social media typically spend up to 40% more than the average buyer. Whether customers reach out to your company directly or complain to friends about a negative interaction, you can become an important part of the conversation and help buyers feel heard.

You can also use social media management tools to track mentions, schedule posts, and analyze growth. However you decide to approach social media and social interactions in your business, know that an online presence is vital and will definitely pay off in some form.

7. Offer Perks and Giveaways

Incentivize the customer experience to keep clients coming back. Offer free shipping, free trials, easy returns and exchanges, and other perks. Giveaways are another great way to keep customers intrigued in your product. It might seem costly to give free product away, but in reality, you’re adding value to your brand.

A small business on Instagram recently offered buyers a free swimsuit just for sharing the company’s post. The catch? Customers still had to pay shipping and handling, but this just-pay-shipping trend is still a popular way to get people familiar with the brand and returning for future purchases.

8. Create Loyalty Programs

Invite customers to sign up for a loyalty program with enticing rewards. Many companies opt for a point-per-dollar system for freebies or discounts.

You can also create a digital punch card that allows customers to keep track of rewards using an app on their smartphones.

With all these practices in place, you can grow your customer loyalty, and your customers will likely be more excited about your brand and spread the word to their friends.